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February 22, 2011


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Tim Guffey

Denise, I enjoyed reading your post. This is in my niche for blogging as well.


iPhone4 case

Thank you for this wonderful article. Actually I have never thought this ever before. And the fact that really matters is every little thing we do is equivalent of huge prospective. I will visit your site again soon. Can you provide more thoughts and ideas here in your article?


I too am not one that likes to be deprived of the things I like. I quit dieting and started eating better foods and found not only did I lose weight, I was also less hungry. Love avocados and use them in salads and sandwiches all the time.
I am now over 50 and it's tough sometimes to eat all the right foods as well as exercise to maintain my weight. I know mindset is definetly an area that I have to be very conscious of or I will fall back into that same trap of eating to much and ignoring my exercise routine. Thanks again for a great post, am looking forward to more. Jan


True it is hard to exercise sometimes. Exercise seems like a job. With all we have to do somedays, it seems kind of hard to find time. I also found a diet cookbook that helps. Click on dietdelight

Drink Water Lose Weight

Thanks for the great article, it really has added value to my day and my life. I will visit your website from now on (I'v even bookmarked it).

Jon R. Patrick

Personally, I've decided to go with the 90-day Body by Vi Challenge. Great shakes, supplements, and you can get your next month's FREE! Just ask me how. What sold me was the amazing testimonials I saw on this - it really, really works. Thousands of success stories, over 2 million pounds lost - and you automatically get your own website to track your progress and socialize with others to share stories. I've struggled for years, eating better, walking more - but I'm fighting against the 8-12 hours a day I sit for my job.

how to get skinny fast

This is so true. Losing weight doesn't actually need to be as dificult as a lot of people make it. As long as you have a fairly healthy diet and do regular exercise you can lose weight safe and healthily.

I actually wrote a blog post about the dangers of crash dieting the other day because i think it's very important to teach people, especially the younger generation, that going on crazy diets is just not good for you at all and a lot of the time ends up with people yo-yo dieting for years.


This is a great post. Thanks for the information. I did not know that about artificial sweetners.

Vera @ HCG EZ trim

As you said above if we plan our diet we can reduce our weight.



To effectively lose weight and burn fat requires I believe, a strong mindset to stick to whatever program you on. No matter what weight loss program you get into it will have to boil down to some sort of food reduction and being consistence with it in order to be effective. Even exercise would be considered secondary. Think about it for a moment. Is it not the bad unhealthy food the cause of people being fat and overweight? Change the way you eat, couple by a safe exercise program, and you will change your physique. Not all diets and weight loss program works well for everybody. So, you going to have to find one that works for you. I agree with the above article in regards to diets and metabolism. We should stay away from strict diets and be eating in small portion every so often to increase and maintain a good metabolism. And don't be afraid to experience and modify your diet alittle. Sometimes we can turn a strict or not so tasty diet into something one that that tastes good and not going to starve us to death.

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