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February 19, 2011


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Stephanie LH Calahan aka @StephCalahan

Denise - There is always time to jump back on. Every change that we attempt has the opportunity for backtracking. Recognize it for what it is and jump back in! The 80/20 rule works well here.


I'm the sister and I have lost 17 pounds so far on the Biggest Loser plan since Jan. 1. Biggest difference for me - cooking and trying new recipes to keep from getting bored and recording everything on my food log.

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Well, In my personal experience starting on a diet and exercise is really a hard thing to do, but I've tried the Biggest loser plan and i think it has a positive results on me..

Weight Loss Will Power

You will get back on track when you put you mind to and focus and some will power wouldn't hurt. You can do it.
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Gregory Schieffer

Pyschology is so important when we try to lose wieght. If you don't think you can stick with a program or you can't cahnge your habits for the long run, you're wasteing your time. You understand what you are writing and that makes it easier to connect with you. Thank you for your information and the time it takes your to write it.

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